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Becoming a Minimalist: Tips For Downsizing Your Home

Are you tired of caring for large yard? Are you feeling overwhelmed by the maintenance required for your home? If so, you might consider downsizing your home and moving into an apartment.

Here are some tips for downsizing so you can declutter and decrease your responsibilities at home.


Start In Closets

Over time, we accumulate a lot of stuff! Going through your closets, cupboards, and attics are the best places to start decluttering. What is unseen is often forgotten and a lot of items hidden in these places are of no use. WikiHow has lots of ideas with what to do with your unwanted stuff when downsizing.



Make a list of the items in your home that you really need and want to keep. Besides sentimental belongings, consider which pieces of furniture matter to you and are the most functional. Lifehacker says to ask yourself, “If everything I owned was lost in a house fire, what would I replace?” Also take a look at House Beautiful‘s list of items to never throw out when downsizing. Your list will help you prioritize your belongings and give clear direction about what to move first.


Enlist Help

Once you have pulled everything out of hidden closets and made a list of your priorities, you can invite relatives and friends to help you declutter. The help will make the task less daunting and with a clear plan, nobody will accidentally throw out something meaningful to you. Plus, you might just redistribute your unwanted items to a loved one who really needs it! Less stuff to bring to a thrift store means less work for you.


The process of decluttering your home and downsizing to an apartment can be a big job! Taking it one step at a time will help you prioritize, plan, and put everything in its rightful place.

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Posted by: dayta on November 24, 2018
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